The first book I read about sex addiction remains the most helpful I have found to-date. It is a short read by Dr. Linda Hatch, a certified sex addiction therapist, that explains exactly what sex addiction is, signs that someone has it, what this means for you, WHY your loved one has it in the first place (my most burning question), and what to do next.

Living With a Sex Addict: From Crisis to Recovery

You can find it on her website, which is also extremely helpful. In the first few months after the devastation of discovering my husband’s addiction, I read every single article on her website.

Sex Addictions Counseling – About Dr. Hatch

Another tremendously valuable set of articles by another certified sex addiction therapist is that by Dorothy Hayden. Her articles are addressed to the addict, not the partner, but if you want to learn about WHY your partner is a sex addict, her articles go into some depth on that — and offer hope about the possibility for healing, if you are ready to think about that.

Articles by Dorothy Hayden on

3 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I haven’t heard of either of these authors. In the beginning of my recovery, I sought more answers for my own healing rather than trying to understand my husband. I have been feeling the tug lately to dig a little more into understanding his addiction. The first book that I read was Mending a Shattered Heart by Stefanie Carnes. It was a great first read for me and validated so much of my pain and confusion. Thank you for sharing what you have found helpful. I will be adding this to my reading list.


    1. I have read Stefanie Carnes’ book, also. I’m glad you found it helpful! I personally only appreciated two or three chapters in the book, but am glad to hear you liked it. We need even more resources, so that everyone can find something that is helpful for their specific pain.

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      1. Yeah, not every chapter applied to me either. But I have found that with most of the books I have read. I think the main thing is take what we can from any of it. That is why we need more resources and to share the ones we have found. All of us may have similar pain, but each of our stories and healing journeys is still unique to each of us.

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